‘Tis The Season

There are so many sweet treats during the holiday season that happen to be limited edition. One of which is something I stock up on. Trader Joe’s Joe Joe’s are a take on Oreo’s, Candy Cane Joe Joe’s are a dream. Mixed in with the cream filling are candy cane bits. Wow, they are amazing! One of my favorite treats can be made with these cookies. The oreo-cheesecake truffle.
Another favorite holiday treat literally translates to “dream” in English. It’s called Sonhos. They are a Portuguese dessert typically made during the Christmas season, however I have a bakery in my neighborhood that believes in making them every Saturday. YUM. They are, essentially, a fried ball of dough covered in cinnamon-sugar. Typical to Portuguese desserts, the inside of the dough is a very moist custard-dough.
Happy Holidays! And make sure to enjoy our favorite part of the holiday season, all of the amazing sugary treats!

Queen of Hearts

When Alice In Wonderland came out earlier this year I created a table to honor the Queen of Hearts, one of the most frightening characters I remember from my childhood. I love the idea of romanticizing this character. I’ve taken the photo of my table and translated it into a storyboard.

Buttercup Sweets would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween this year! Have fun and enjoy one of our favorite things, CANDY!

Enchanted Forest Candy Buffet

This candy buffet was designed around the colors green and brown with a the theme of an “enchanted forest”. We used some props for enhancement.
We used wooden slabs as risers, which gave some of the jars some height. We used several shades of green candy along with chocolates. This buffet has a lot of variety in selection.
The candy buffets include a die-cut card specific to your event, it indicates the candy in the jar. They are attached to the jars with a silk ribbon. It also includes a Welcome Card, with verbiage of your choice. This one says “Some Sweetness From the New Mr. & Mrs.”. Guests can take candy away with a Chinese take-out container, paper bags, plastic bags, or whatever your choice is. Custom stickers can be added to personalize the package.


Thanks for stopping by our blog. Our names are Nicole & Jessica. We offer candy buffet designs and setups for any event. Buttercup Sweets offers not only, the nostalgic feel of a color coordinated candy buffet at an event, but we also work individually with each of our clients to create a display that is themed to match the style of the entire event.

We both have diverse backgrounds in art and design. Jessica has 10 years experience in architecture design, she attended NJIT for architecture. Jessica’s love for architecture led to a love to all things designed beyond buildings including furniture, stationary, and clothing. She became design obsessed when planning her own wedding and truly enjoyed finding and creating every last detail for it. In 2008 Jessica started a wedding stationary and design company, her work has been featured on Project Wedding, among many other blogs. Her professionalism and creativity has led to most of the work coming from referrals of past brides.

Nicole has 6 years experience in high end retail stores creating store displays and window displays. She has specialized in home design, setting up picture perfect tabletop designs. Nicole loves art and anything tactile. She has a fondness for antiques, she will rummage through estate sales or thrift stores to find objects and give them a new life. Nicole also has a silkscreen printing shop where she creates stationary, posters, and t-shirts. Her passion to make things is relentless, from printing to sculpture, sewing to building. She is inspired by the materials in her life.

We do hope that you will  consider us when selecting a company to create your candy buffet!